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Lecture: "The Evolution of Digital Communication" Lecture:

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с 22 августа 2017




American Center Moscow. Новинский бульвар, 21


Баррикадная, Смоленская

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Join us for a special lecture by Jon Bell, Product Designer at Twitter, who will speak about the evolution of online communication – from printing press to the first websites to digital societies in which we find ourselves living today. As the entire world can now talk to each other in real time, what does a great communication experience look like? What roles do free speech and censorship play? What is the difference between objective truth and advocacy? Can truth be preserved when online communities operate in their own belief systems? What social policies should be made regarding abusive online communications, such as bullying and trolling? Come and join the discussion!

This lecture is brought to us by the U.S. Embassy Speakers Program and Strelka Institute.


Jon Bell is a Staff Product Designer at Twitter, where he worked on the Safety & Abuse team. John is convinced that to effectively protect the user from the negative consequences of the interaction, the complexity of the systems is necessary, therefore, the design of any function, even those standard as ‘block’ and ‘mute’, he considers in view of different levels of complexity. Prior to that he was a design lead on Microsoft Office and Windows Phone, designer at frog design, a teacher at The Art Institute of Seattle, and the founder of his own design education company, UX Launchpad.